Su-Jok Therapy 


The Power of Su Jok Therapy

A part of Onnuri medicine, Su Jok is a treatment system comprised of a variety of techniques that prevent and cure illness and restore health without any drugs. Our hands (“su” in Korean) and feet (“jok”) represent our entire body in miniature. In fact, they represent a smaller, but nevertheless true, mirror image of the whole body (for example, the thumbs and big toes represent the head). The same way we use a remote control to operate a television, we can use our hands and feet to influence our whole body and cure disease. By understanding the exact similarities between various parts of the body and the hands and feet, one can influence any place or problem using the corresponding Su Jok treatment. The body’s meridian system, with which we perform metaphysical energy manipulation therapies, is also reflected in the hands and feet. Knowledge of the principles of hand and foot therapy provides an impressive vehicle for personal and family healthcare. In fact, our vision is that a healer in every home can take care of him- or herself, and his or her family.

Together with Professor Park, who I adopted as a spiritual father, I opened Smile College in 2005. Since then, more than 2,500 students have followed our programs, including a one-day introduction to self help and an extensive three-year program with branches in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Su Jok Research Institute (SRI) now publishes Onnuri medical literature in English, French, Hebrew, and Arabic (and will soon publish in Spanish and other languages). We provide training for physicians and paramedics—the first professionals to use these treatment methods in hospitals in the early 1990s with positive and immediate results that alleviated physical and emotional suffering. In many cases, we witnessed successful remission of symptoms in acute and chronic ailments of all kinds. Very effective in treating pain in the spine and articulations, Su Jok therapy can be practiced by mothers and fathers, and even by children.

Stimulation of the healing points will generally give instant results. For example, how can you dry a runny nose? Find the tender point on the last phalanx of the thumb corresponding to the sinuses (see pictures below), apply a black pepper seed with a band-aid and massage at will. PMS is also quite easy to relieve: firmly hold the tender point between the middle and the ring finger of the hand, which represents the female urogenital organs, and massage it until it’s no longer painful (usually one or two minutes is enough to get rid of the and heaviness and cramps). Backache? Work on the back of the hand. Stimulate the sensitive points just above the knuckles of the fist; you can also apply black pepper seeds.

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